Exploring notions of impermanence, growth, origin, and mortality, my practice examines our personal and sadly disappearing relationship to the natural world.  I am deeply aware of the world around me and my work is fed and inspired by my own encounters with the land, often echoing elements of the landscape.  

Pursuing the idea of truth in materials, I create sculptures, installations, and paintings that are based on natural forms to reflect and enhance the very materials they are made of.  I am constantly collecting specimens such as plants, bark, shells, fibers, and soil from specific locations or notable experiences.  These organic treasures become the focus of my work as I seek to explore and unearth their unique beauty. 

Often working with living plants, I am particularly interested in cycles of growth and decay.  The work I produce is a reflection of the symbiotic relationship between mankind and living organisms; both being the embodiment of life and new growth.  It is my aim to celebrate all forms of the living world and rethink what it means to inhabit this earth. 




Jessica Taylor Hale is a painter, installation artist, and sculptor working in a quiet river town in PA.   Having graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2014 from Grace College in Indiana, she holds degrees in Drawing & Painting and Intercultural Studies.  Hale has been awarded residencies with International Sculpture Center at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City, and with Christian Liberty Academy in Chicago.  Solo shows include "The Red Light" at both HusART Design and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.   She has also exhibited in Italy, Indiana, Miami, Philadelphia, Kentucky, New York, and New Jersey.  Hale resides with her husband near Philadelphia where she is the founder and director of The Mill Arts Collective in Bristol, PA.